Bruker Senterra

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Bruker SENTERRA Raman Microscope setup 


Bruker SENTERRA Raman spectrometer & confocal microscope. (Picture taken by Saku Mattila.)

Name and Model (Year of Manufacture / Installation)

Bruker Optics SENTERRA R200-785 (2006/2006)

General Information
  • a spectrometer module
  • a microscope module.

Bruker SENTERRA combines a dispersive Raman spectrometer and a confocal microscope. Possible fields of application are analyses of thin sample films, nanoparticles and surfaces.

Key Specifications

Microscope module:

Olympus BX51 reflected light microscope

Video camera, Infinity 1


  • 20x,
  • 50x,
  • 100x

A motorized stage with servo-assisted z-control,.

  • (positioning accuracy: 0.1μm)

Spectrometer module:

  • Laser 785nm, 100mW
  • Detector CCD, thermo-electrically cooled, (1024 x 256 pixel)
  • Grating turret 2 gratings (for high resolution and wide range)
  • Aperture Slit-type aperture: 25 x 1000μm and 50 x 1000μm
  • Pinhole-type aperture: 25μm and 50μm
Key Features

The implemented SureCal function calibrates the wavelength automatically.

Location, Responsible Person

Dpt. of Chemistry, YSK 449 / Hannu Pakkanen,