Perkin Elmer Victor X4

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Victor X4 Multiple Plate Reader


 Victor X4. (Picture taken by Saku Mattila.)

Name and Model (Year of Manufacture / Installation)

Perkin Elmer VICTOR X4 (2009/2009)

General Information

Multiple plate reader.


Key Specifications        
  • Temperature range: up to + 50 °C.
  • 8-position excitation filter wheel for flexible and versatile use of filters.
  • Blue photomultiplier tube (standard).
  • Area scanning up to 100 points/well.
  • Optical system: filter.
  • Plate formats: 96, 384 well plates.

VICTOR X4 offers several detection methods: luminescence, fluorescence intensity (both top and bottom reading), UV-absorbance (UV-VIS), and time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) technologies.

  • Visible Absorbance: 340-1000 nm
  • UV Absorbance: 260 / 280 nm
  • Luminescence: glow, flash and dual luminescence
  • Time Resolved Fluorescence (TRF): dual window TRF and dual emission measurements.
  • Fluorescense Intensity: top and bottom fluorescence (340-850 nm; when using optional red-sensitive photomultiplier tube (PMT)); using tungsten-halogen lamp and Xenon flash lamp.
Key Features
  • Compatible with all types of microplates between 1 and 1536 wells
  • WorkOut Plus MMD software.
  • Dual label measurements.
  • Compatible with Petri plates, slides, filters and PCR plates.
Location, Responsible Person

Department of Biological and Environmental Science; Ambiotica, YAC 221.1 / Leona Gilbert