X-ray Tomography

SkyScan 1172 X-ray microCT

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Name and Model (Year of Manufacture/Installation)

SkyScan 1172 100 kV  (2005/2005)

General Information

Non-intrusive method to visualize 3D internal microstructure of inhomogeneous materials (e.g. various porous materials)

Key Specifications       
  • Detail detectability / Low-contrast resolution (10% MTF)
    1um / 5um            
  • Pixel size @ max.magnification
    <0.9um for 10Megapixel camera
    <1.6um for 1.3Megapixel camera            
  • X-ray source
    sealed microfocus X-ray tube, air cooled, >10000h lifetime
    spot size <5um@4W, 20-100kV, 0-250uA (10W max)        
  • X-ray detector
    10Megapixel (4000x2300) 12-bit digital cooled CCD with fibre optic coupling to scintillator (50mm field of view)
  • Automatic filter changer for beam-hardening compensation and multienergy scanning         
Key Features
  • Uses X-rays to produce 2D shadowgrams from multiple angles
  • Reconstructs 3D images from shadowgrams
  • Nondestructive
  • No sample preparation required
  • Sample size from 2 mm to 68 mm with respective voxel sizes 0.9  micron to 20 micron
  • The numerical characteristics of the internal structure (morphology and composition) from the complete three dimensional volume
Location, Responsible Person

Physics Department, FL147 / Markko Myllys, Joni Parkkonen

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