Zeiss Orion Nanofab

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Zeiss Orion Nanofab Helium Ion Microscope (HIM)


Name and Model (Year of Manufacture / Installation)

Zeiss Orion Nanofab (2015/2015)

General Information

Multibeam Ion Microscope for micro & nanomachining and imaging. Precision nanomachining of < 10 nm structures. Microscope is equipped with Raith pattern generator which can be used for lithography. Focused Ion Beam (FIB) with Helium and Neon gases.

Nanostructure imaging with high resolution. An electron flood gun makes it possible to image non-conductive samples.

Key Specifications         
  • Fast machining of sub-10 nm structures
  • Seamless switch between neon and helium beams
  • The neon beam can be used to machine nanostructures at great speed and achieve high throughput.
  • By using the helium beam it’s possible to create delicate sub-10 nm structures.
  • High resolution imaging: Imaging resolution 0,5 nm
Key Features
  • NanoPatterning and Visualization Engine (NVPE) - an integrated hardware and software control system. NVPE incorporates a dedicated 16 bit scan generator for each NanoFab column and dual signal acquisition hardware supporting real-time advanced patterning and visualization.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI). The beam can by controlled by GUI to create a range of fully editable shapes (rectangles, trapezoids, polygons, lines, polylines, ellipses and spots). Vectorfill these shapes while maintaining full control over dose variation and patterning parameters.
  • ELPHY MultiBeam pattern generator: a single tool for Focused Ion Beam Milling, Etching and Deposition, Ion Beam Lithography (IBL), Electron Beam Lithography (EBL), Gas assisted Focused Electron Beam Induced Processing (FEBIP) and Helium Ion Beam Patterning.
  • Raith NanoSuite software.
  • Highest-speed 20 MHz dual DAC addressing for X and Y main beam deflection (16 bit) with low noise differential outputs
Location, Responsible Person

Nanoscience Center, cleanroom / Kai Arstila, Kimmo Kinnunen

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