High level research at the nanoscale

The Nanoscience Center (NSC) hosts more than hundred researchers with a background in biology, chemistry or physics. The strength of NSC is that there are people from all areas, from practical biologists to theoretical physicists. In addition to experimental work, substantial effort is invested in the theoretical and computational study of nanosystems.

Research highlights of year 2019

A nucleophilic gold complex

Nano_highlight1.jpegA collaborative research effort between the Departments of Chemistry at the University of Oxford (United Kingdom) and University of Jyväskylä (Finland) has resulted in the discovery of a gold compound exhibiting nucleophilic behaviour hitherto unknown for molecular gold. The research enables new opportunities in applying gold compounds, for example, as catalysts in novel chemical reactions. The research was published in Nature Chemistry.

J. Hicks, A. Mansikkamäki, P. Vasko, J. M. Goicochea, S. Aldridge. "A nucleophilic gold complex". Nat. Chem., 2019 and JYU press release.