Be  multidisciplinary in nanoscience studies

We offer Master’s Degree and Postgraduate education in the rapidly developing field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Nanoscience play an important role in everyday life and it is behind the development of new technologies within electronics, energy, environment and health.


If you are interested in natural sciences in a broad sense and you want to be a part of fascinating development of nanoscience either in academia or industry, then the Master’s Degree Programme in Nanoscience may be a way to your future career.

Nanoscience is the study of structures and materials on the scale of nanometers. In nanoscience atoms, molecules, and objects sizes are on the nanometer scale (1 - 100 nm). Nanosciences are utilized e.g. in technology as computers and smartphones, in sport fabrics and equipments and  in medicine. Our goal is to educate interdisciplinary experts in the rapidly developing field of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Master's Degree Programme

In our Master’s Degree Programme in Nanoscience, you gather multidisciplinary know-how in the field of physics, chemistry, and biology. This combination is unique in Finland and abroad. The one of the key ideas is the multidisciplinary approach to nanoscience: biological nanostructures, organic nanochemistry, spectroscopy, experimental nanophysics and computational nanoscience are all strategic areas of research. Our Nanoscience Center combines experts from biology, chemistry and physics under the same roof which leads to new innovations and ideas. 

This Master’s Programme provides you a large toolbox of knowledge to serve science, industry and public sector. Programme offer an excellent preparation for doctoral studies and an academic career. Programme takes two years of full-time study and is offered fully in English. In addition to major studies (cell and molecular biology, organic or physical chemistry or physics) and advanced studies on related fields of science the studies include special courses on nanoscience. In addition to lectures and laboratory work, you will work research groups as part of on-going research projects. Master’s theses in the programme are always interdisciplinary.

The courses introduce the students to both theoretical and experimental techniques of the nanoscience field and are provided by the departments of Biological and Environmental Science, Chemistry and Physics. The International Summer School annually offers courses for advanced master’s students, graduate students, and post-docs in the various fields of science and information technology. The Summer School will be organized on August.