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How can I apply tax-at-source card?




  1. Visit the immigration department of the local police (Poliisi, Urhonkatu 1, puh. 014 313 5611) in order to register your residence, if you are an EU- or EAA-citizen and intend to stay in Finland more than 3 months. If you are a Nordic Citizen you don't have to do this.
  2. Before getting a tax-at-source card, the worker of University of Jyväskylä must obtain a Finnish personal identity code from the local register office (Maistraatti: http://www.maistraatti.fi/en/).  If the person is only visiting in University of Jyväskylä and giving max 20 lecture hours, it’s not needed to apply Finnish personal identity code separately.
  3. If you are a scientist or a teacher and you are coming from certain countries (like Egypt, Spain, Great Britain, Japan, Morocco, France or Japan) and you're in Finland up to two years (in some cases longer), you may be able to get a full exemption from income tax. The tax office will make the exemption. When you are visiting it Tax Office please let tax administration to know that you are a teacher of scientist in Unviersity of Jyväskyä. Existing tax treaties can be found at http://www.vero.fi/en-US/Individuals/Arriving_in_Finland/Work_in_Finland/Researchers_and_teachers_from_other_coun(17262)
  4. Contact to the administrative person in your department and ask her to apply a tax-at-source card is she has not done it already for you.
  5. Keep the certificate covering the full period of your employment during the relevant calendar year(s) after finishing your work in Finland. You may have to present it to the tax authorities of your country of residence.


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