Seminars, colloquia and dissertations

Bringing the knowledge to the fore is an important part of the mission. Our events include weekly Departmental Seminars, Colloquia and Dissertations. The language of the announcement is also the language of the talk. Everyone interested in the topic is warmly welcome to come listen to students and researchers present their research! 

Seminars and dissertations

MSc seminar, Wed 22.5.2019 at 10 am (FYS1)
Miia Nadhum, 
Janne Yliharju, 
Olli Saranko, 

Dissertation, Fri 7.6.2019 at 12 pm (FYS1)
Gianluca Salvioni, Model Nuclear Energy Density Functionals Derived from Ab Initio Calculations
Opponent: Prof. Richard Furnstahl, The Ohio State University, USA

Dissertation, Fri 14.6.2019 at 12 pm (FYS1)
Emmi Pohjolainen, TBC

MSc seminar, Wed 19.6.2019 at 10 am (FYS1)

CERN-verkoston syysseminaari, pe 23.8.2019 (FYS1 ja FYS2)

Other seminars: