Solitoni 19.2.2018 in English

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Office info. Marjut will be on holiday during 1-23 March, please take care of for example visitor arrangements well before visitors arrive. More information about who will be Marjut's substitute in different matters will follow by email. 

New faces. Nisha Mammen will start work as a Postdoctoral Researcher in Hannu Häkkinen's project and Stuart Szwek will start work also as a Postdoctoral Researcher in Janne Pakarinen's project. Welcome to the house!

Annual Report 2017: It's time to compile last year's annual report. This year the report will be compiled directly to an online draft, using a straightforward procedure: start by watching this four-minute video. Deadline is today, Monday 19. February. For questions, ask Pekka Koskinen. Annual report editorial board (Pekka, Timo, and Markku).

Call for the Science Council's mobility grants. In order to strengthen international cooperation between universities and to promote the internationalization of research activities, JYU launches a call for applications for international mobility grants. The grants are aimed at professors, researchers holding a doctoral degree and doctoral students of JYU for research cooperation carried out abroad. The host university has to be a university or a research institute important for the progress of research described in the application. The funding is granted for a research visit of 1–3 months at the host university. Applications must be submitted by 9th March!

Summer traineeships. The application period for summer traineeship positions at the Department closed yesterday. We received altogether 31 applications, group leaders will receive a summary of applicants soon.  The old deal (supervise a high school student between 4.-29.6.2018 and get a summer trainee for 2 months paid by the Department) is on. Please inform Minttu if you're willing to supervise a high school student in June! 

Exam supervising.  Rest of the supervising turns for this spring have been distributed, everyone gets one more shift. Please check yours and mark your calendar accordingly. Thanks!  

Application for student exchange abroad is open until the end of February. Students seeking a suitable exchange university can be directed to our Faculty's international coordinator Leena Mattila

JYU strategy work and vision 2030. The work will begin with current state pop up events in February. You can participate for example in the physics department lobby on 20–21 February. Share your opinion on what we are doing right – what would you like to keep and what to change. 

CERN Accelerator School on beam instrumentation. The CERN accelerator school on beam instrumentation is held 2-15 June 2018 in hotel Gustavelund, Tuusula, Finland. The course is split into morning lectures and “hands-on” courses. The focus is on typical instruments used in high and low energy linear and circular particle accelerators. Registration deadline April 1st 2018. 

Facility info. All sorts of deficiencies and faults in offices, the  property or the outside area should be reported via facility info service.  


Important calls 

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