Solitoni 5.2.2018 in English

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Annual Report 2017: It's time to compile last year's annual report. This year the report will be compiled directly to an online draft, using a straightforward procedure: start by watching this four-minute video. Deadline is in two weeks, on Monday 19. February. For questions, ask Pekka Koskinen. Annual report editorial board (Pekka, Timo, and Markku).

Statistics 2017. 

  • 30 master's degrees, 35 bachelor's degrees and 11 doctoral degrees
  • 291 publications
  • 224 talks, 52 posters
  • 277 visitors who made 377 visits at the Department
  • 349 visits abroad by staff memebrs

Doctoral curriculum 2017-2020. PhD students can follow the old curriculum (60 credits) if they graduate by July 2020. The new curriculum (40 credits) has been specified in relation to the compulsory element of research skills - at least 1 credit of research ethics studies is required. It can be completed for example in this Research Ethics course. (One can register for the 1 credit part of the course even though the number of students already exceeds the maximum.) 

The high school project and summer traineeships. The high school project will be carried out between  4.-29.6.2018. The old deal (supervise a high school student and get a summer trainee for 2 months paid by the Department) is on. Please inform Minttu if you're willing to supervise a high school student in June! 

JYU strategy work and vision 2030. The work will begin with current state pop up events in February. You can participate for example in the physics department lobby on 20–21 February. Share your opinion on what we are doing right – what would you like to keep and what to change. 

Travel issues.

  • New info: Travel request. For the acceptance of travel requests please write in the comment field the project number where the costs will be paid from and/or with whom you have agreed about the costs. The list of project numbers can be found from the Department's intra page
  • Recap: Travel claim. It will speed up the processing of your travel claim if you scan and attach the receipts and tickets as one pdf-file onto your travel claim. (It is also possible to send the tickets and receipts via internal mail to our travel secretary Eeva Partanen to T-buildng.)
  • Recap: Attachments of travel claims: Please remember to attach also the conference/workshop/meeting programme or invitation that shows the time and place plus participants if possible. For research visits please mention the organisation and names of collaborators. 


Important calls 

Do you have a news item for the next bulletin? Send an e-mail to Minttu.