At the Department of Physics, we research the basic phenomena of the physical nature and educate future physicists and physics teachers. The Department is located at a scenic site by Lake Jyväsjärvi, within walking distance from the city center.

The Department of Physics has a reputation as an inspiring and welcoming place to study. Our graduates – physicists, researchers and teachers – find employment well. Teachers of physics teach mathematics, physics, and chemistry in upper secondary schools and comprehensive schools.

Our department is the most eminent research unit in Finland in the field of subatomic physics, i.e. particle and nuclear physics. Our Accelerator Laboratory is an exceptionally large whole of research infrastructure. The three particle accelerators in the laboratory are used to study nuclei and the structure of matter. Our department also specializes in studying matter on the scale of a nanometre. The modern research devices for this sort of research can be found from the Nanoscience Center, located next to the Department. Internationality characterizes our department, and we collaborate with numerous universities and research institutes abroad, such as CERN.