Doctoral Programme in Physics

The Doctoral Programme in Physics is a part of the University of Jyväskylä Graduate School for Doctoral Studies and the Faculty of Mathematics and Science Doctoral School. The Doctoral Programme is led by the head of the Department of Physics. When a doctoral student is admitted, they are simultaneously placed into a doctoral programme.

Obtaining a study right in the Doctoral Programme in Physics can be done by applying for doctoral studies during the general application period (1-2 times yearly, call for admission announced on the faculty's webpage) or by applying for open vacancies for doctoral students (open vacancies announced on the university's main page). In addition, you may also contact a professor working on a field of your interest and enquire about postgraduate possibilities.

Admittance to the doctoral programme must always be done through an application directed to the faculty. The application should include a motivation letter, a (preliminary) study plan and a research plan. More information on the faculty's website.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Science grants the student the right to pursue postgraduate studies. It also gives and grades the PhD degrees. The guidelines and principles of the University and Faculty are as follows.