Abstract: Heikki Mäntysaari

Dipole model fits to DIS data

The Color Glass Condensate offers a consistent framework to describe many small-x processes, for example, deep inelastic scattering, diffractive vector meson production and one and two particle production.

The crucial part in all of these calculations is the dipole-target amplitude N, whose energy, or Bjorken-x, dependence is given by the BK equation. A non-perturbative input required for these calculations is the dipole-target amplitude at initial x=x_0. This can be obtained by performing a fit to, for example, very precise HERA DIS data. In my talk we will discuss various dipole model parametrizations and fits to HERA data. We show that even tough some dipole models may give good description of the accurate DIS data, they fail when computing e.g. particle production in proton-proton collisions.

We shall also describe various ways to generalize dipole-proton amplitudes to the dipole-nucleus scattering in order to compute predictions for the p+Pb run at the LHC and for the future e+A collisions.