The Accelerator Laboratory: driven by cutting-edge research

The Accelerator Laboratory is a unique research environment, both from the national and international perspective. The laboratory is an integral part of the Department of Physics, conducting world-class research on basic natural phenomena. Presently the laboratory hosts four accelerators with a variety of ion sources and innovative instrumentation for fundamental research, ion-beam based material physics and applications. Every year, hundreds of scientists from universities, laboratories and private companies around the world use our cutting-edge research facilities. The development of the infrastructure is driven by the needs and scientific goals of our user community and local research groups.

The JYFL Accelerator News is produced bi-annually and contains information on developments and highlights from the laboratory. You can also sign up for our Mailing List, aimed at our users. It will be used as a channel to distribute information concerning activities within the laboratory, such as job announcements, meetings, etc. We also organize Nuclear and Accelerator-Based Physics seminars and events.

Via the icons below you can find links to the instrumentation and infrastructure available within the laboratory, together with information on how to gain access to beam time and the contact details of the laboratory staff.