Research interests in our research group

We study the quantum and classical phenomena in small electronic systems, with a focus on superconductivity, magnetism, topological media and optomechanics. Our approach is based on phenomenological low-energy theory of quantum systems. In each project we work in close collaboration with world-leading experimental groups.

Present research topics

  • Flat-band superconductivity and magnetism. We study interacting phases in systems with exotic electronic dispersion.
  • Electronic properties of graphite and their relation to topological media. In particular, we seek models to explain high-temperature interface superconductivity observed in graphite. We are also extending such studies to generic artificial topological structures.
  • Nonequilibrium and thermoelectric effects in superconductor-ferromagnetic hybrid structures. Recent studies include characterisation of nonequilibrium modes in this type of systems, and the possible use of such systems as efficient radiation detectors.
  • Quantum optomechanics, and especially their microwave realisations. We have especially studied the use of driven optomechanical systems as quantum-limited amplifiers, and studied methods of reaching single-photon strong coupling regime in optomechanics by utilising the Josephson effect.