Group members


Principal investigator 
Francesco Massel

I am interested in the study of quantum phenomena in optomechanical systems, focusing on the conditions necessary to generate combined nonclassical states of light and collective mechanical modes.

email: francesco.p.massel[at]jyu.fi  


Muhammad Asjad

Presently my research work focus on the applications of optomechanical systems to quantum information tasks and protocol.

  email: muhammad.m.asjad[at]jyu.fi


PhD Student
Souvik Agasti

Currently I am focusing on the dynamics of open quantum systems, with a view to applications in the context of optomechanics. In particular I am now investigating how the system/environment coupling can be described, and what are the consequences of different kind of system/environment couplings, modeling the dynamics both in terms of quantum Langevin and master equation. 

email: souvik.s.agasti[at]jyu.fi



MSc Student
Kalle Kansanen

Presently, I am investigating method based on the idea of generalised coherent states which can be used to relate dynamics of classical systems with their quantum counterpart, with particular emphasis on open systems. These methods find potential application in the context of so-called reservoir engineering. My analysis is focused in particular to the study of optomechanical systems.

email: kalle.s.u.kansanen[at]student.jyu.fi

BSc Student 
Janne Rantanen 

In my research, I simulate the dynamics of graphene mechanical resonators, in the presence of external loads. Results from the simulations will be analyzed in comparison to theoretical predictions. The goal is to further explore the investigation of the nonlinear properties of these systems ultimately leading to the design of new nanoelectromechanical devices.

email: janne.t.rantanen[at]student.jyu.fi