Superconducting transition edge sensor physics

Detectors based on superconducting films with a transition temperature ~100 mK are currently the most sensitive X-ray detectors available. We are developing novel transition-edge sensor (TES) types for ultimate energy resolution, and are studying how the noise and responsivity of the devices can be improved both experimentally [Kinnunen2012, Palosaari2012] and theoretically [Maasilta2012].Xarray.jpg

Recently, we also developed a full wafer scale fabrication process for 256 pixel X-ray TES array, in collaboration with the Technical Research Center of Finland, VTT Micronova [Palosaari2015]. The detector arrays are designed particularly for materials science applications, for example for ultrasensitive elemental analysis. Studies will also help the future space agency satellite missions, for which ultrasensitive imaging X-ray spectrometers are being developed. The space mission detector work is performed in collaboration with the Space Research Organization Netherlands (SRON) and NASA Goddard.