The exotic nuclei and beams group studies properties of nuclei employing Penning-trap mass spectrometry as well as laser and decay spectroscopy at the IGISOL facility.  The research conducted in the group furthers our understanding of nuclear structure and provides essential data for nuclear astrophysics, neutrino physics, fundamental interactions as well as for applications.

In addition to our home laboratory, our research takes place in number of other laboratories, such as the ISOLDE facility in CERNGANIL and Helmholzzentrum GSI, the location of the future radioactive beam facility FAIR. We are actively involved in work to support the development of international future facilities EURISOL and FAIR, in close collaboration with HIP, the Helsinki Institute of Physics.

An important form of our international collaboration is also participation in research networks. Recently, our group has benefited from the EU FP7 and Horizon 2020 programs within ENSAR2, CHANDA and nuClock projects. Our research is also strongly supported by the Academy of Finland. 

Selected publications

3decadesOFigisol.jpegIGISOL Portrait - three decades of research

The "IGISOL Portrait - three decades of research" is a collection of articles describing the research conducted using the ion guide technique at IGISOL.

Ion traps in nuclear physics—Recent results and achievements

T. Eronen, A. Kankainen, and J. Äystö, Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics 91, 259-293 (2016). [Open Access: JYX]

Laser spectroscopy for nuclear structure physics

P. Campbell, I.D. Moore and M.R. Pearson, Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics 86, 127-180 (2016)