Räsänen Sami, Senior Researcher

Räsänen Sami, Senior Researcher
YFL 219


  • Experimental methods in particle physics
  • Ultra-relativistic heavy ion collisions
  • Master Thesis seminar


  • Why and to whom my research is important
    • Very dense and hot droplet of matter is created when two heavy nuclei collide in ultra-relativistic energies. The matter is heated to temperatures of the order of 1000 billion degrees. In such an extreme conditions, matter is expected to undergo phase transition to quark-gluon plasma. This state of matter and its physics properties are studied in collider experiments at CERN and BNL.
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  •  I am student's wellbeing adviser ("goodie") in the Faculty of Science for international students. I offer this counselling also for Finnish students (hyvinvointiohjaaja, "hyvis") in the Department of Physics.