Toppari Jussi, Associate Professor

Toppari Jussi, Associate Professor
YN 217




Research pages of Molecular Electronics and Plasmonics -group

  • Why and to whom my research is important
    • Technical development of recent decades has been mostly based on ability to build ever smaller devices to integrate more functionalities into the same space. Due to physical limitations of currently mainly utilized top-down fabrication methods, the limit of this progression has been reached. My research concentrates on utilizing striking self-assembly properties of DNA molecule to overcome this limitation, and built electrical and optical devices in molecular scale, using bottom-up parallel self-assembly.
    • Interaction between light and matter is usually limited to absorption, emission and scattering. However, in my research I am using confined light modes at nanoscale to form hybrid light-matter-states via strong coupling. These modes exhibit coherent new features, which could be extremely useful for example for guiding photo chemistry or enhancing solar power.