Laboratory exercises in basic and subject courses

Laboratory exercises in basic and subject courses — Fysiikan laitos

To get started with laboratory works, contact the supervisor of the student laboratory (Sakari Juutinen, office FL312) for further advice and an access to the reservation system.

General practices of student laboratory

Instructions for laboratory works

Reserve time for your laboratory work (while logging in, the system asks some rights, click "accept")

Schedule of the student laboratory (sorry, in Finnish)

Some tips for writing of your report.

Expressing the final result

Laboratory work reports should be returned to the student laboratory (to the demonstrator’s office FL356, if the laboratory is open, otherwise in to the mail box) within four weeks of the date of the measurement. Your report will be read by an evaluator, who is usually a different person than the person who acted as the demonstrator. The list of evaluators can be found on Finnish pages. Grading criteria of the laboratory works

Note! A report written using a pencil will not be accepted.

Advanced studies

Laboratory exercises for advanced studies can be divided in two categories:

FYSS9460 (previously FYSZ460) Advanced laboratory works (10 crp)

FYSZ470 Research training (10 crp)

In addition, few advanced courses contain laboratory work of their own. These laboratory works will be organized during the lectures. Contact lecturers for further advise.

Courses FYSS9460 (FYSZ460) Advanced laboratory works or FYSZ470 Research training can be started when you have attended a course (FYS3xx or FYS4xx) relevant for the work of interest. Note, that Advanced Laboratory works (FYSZ460) and Research training (FYSZ470) are alternatives.

Advanced laboratory works

Advanced laboratory works FYSS9460 (FYSZ460) are exercises that correspond 2 crp, sometimes 4 crp, each. In most cases, work is done independently. However, in some cases the exercise is done as a group work. Exercises should be chosen so that they represent at least two fields of physics.  In order to sign for a advanced laboratory work FYSS9460 (FYSZ460), contact the demonstrator directly or sign in in Korppi.

A list of exercises and their demonstrators is here.

In each laboratory work, a full report is required.

Research training

Research training (FYSZ470) is either a work done independently or a work done as a member of a research  group. A report describing the work is always required. Subjects for the research training obtained from members of the teaching and research staff of physics department (typically professors, senior researchers etc, they also act as supervisors). Research training can be performed also outside physics department, however, the subject of the work must be accepted by a member of permanent staff (usually a professor), preferably closest the field of the work. When the report of the work is ready and accepted, send it in the pdf format to the student laboratory.