General practices

General practices — Fysiikan laitos

At basic and subject level almost all courses in physics involve laboratory exercises.  Also some advanced courses, like FYSE300 Electronics contain laboratory works.  It is strongly recommended that the laboratory exercises are performed during the lectures, whenever the material related to the laboratory work is presented in the lectures. Credit points for a course are given only when both lecture part and associated laboratory exercises have been accepted.

In each course, each student has to do usually  two laboratory works. For the other laboratory work,  full report is required. For the other work, a premade form to mark the measured values is available and no report is required.

Prepare to the exercises in advance. When entering the student laboratory to perform a measurement, you should know what to measure and which devices to use. Some exercises even require a measurement plan done by you in advance. If something remains unclear after reading the instruction for the work, you may always enter the student laboratory during the open hours for example to see the device to be used.

The schedule of the student laboratory can be found on Finnish internet pages and on the note boards of the student laboratory. A demonstrator to help you in your laboratory work is always present in the student laboratory when the laboratory is open. Shifts (4 hours each, either at 8-12, 12-16 or 16-20) for doing laboratory exercises in the student laboratory are reserved via internet. It is enough to reserve one shift/exercise. Please, let the demonstrator know of your reservation prior your measurement so that she has a chance to prepare for a English speaking student.

The shifts always start at even hours, sharp. Don’t be late more than 15 minutes. In the beginning, contact the demonstrator who will ask some basic things about your measurement (to check that you are prepared!) and give equipments needed. In case you are not prepared, the demonstrator can to prevent you from doing the laboratory work! All the electric couplings should be presented to the demonstrator before turning power supplies on. In case of accidents, contact the demonstrator immediately! You are not allowed to try to fix broken devices.

During your work keep a log book about all the measurements you do. In addition to values you measured, the log book should involve a list of the devices used and a lay out of the set-up. All the measured values should be given with error bars. When finished, clean the measurement place. Bring all the meters to the place reserved for them, and put unnecessary papers to the waste basket.

A clean version of the log book written with pen (never with pencil!) should be presented to the demonstrator, who will put a stamp on it and sign it. When returning the report for evaluation, the log book must be attached.

Writing the report is an essential part of the laboratory work. A report in the student laboratory, as well as a scientific article, is written to a peer group. For a researcher writing a scientific article this is other researchers and correspondingly, for a student other students attending the same course. Don't copy the instructions given to you or any other sources used, rather, say things in your own words! Click here for few guide lines.

A report should be returned to the student laboratory (to the demonstrator’s office FL356, if the laboratory is open, otherwise in to the mail box) within four weeks of the date of the measurement. If you fail to do this, the grade of report will be lowered. Your report will be read by an evaluator, who is usually a different person than the person who acted as the demonstrator. The list of evaluators can be found on Finnish pages (link above).

Note! A report written using a pencil will not be accepted.