Laboratory works in basic and subject courses: old courses

Laboratory work instructions in English are listed in the following table. Requirements in each course are also shown. Instructions can be printed from the links below. A full report is required for all numbered laboratory works. Those with K1,... K3 labels are smaller labs for which report is not needed. Print also the logbook form before the measurements. In courses FYSP106, FYSA210, FYSA220, FYSA234 and FYSA241 the numbered laboratory works must be done alone.

Laboratory works in basic and subject courses and electronics — Fysiikan laitos

If you need more information, contact the supervisor of the student laboratory (Sakari Juutinen, FL312).

  Course  Laboratory work instruction
  FYSP101 Physics I: Mechanics
1. Group work "Speed of uniform motion" (Logbook form)
  Requirements: 1. + K1. + (K2. or K3.) K1. Graphs of kinematics (logbook form and table instructions)
    K2. Ballistic motion (logbook form)
    K3. Collisions on air-cushion rail (logbook form)
  FYSP102 Physics II: Mechanics (part 2)
1. Rolling
  Requirements: (1. or 2.) + (K2. or K3.) 2. Torsion pendulum
    K2. Modulus of elasticity (logbook form)
    K3. Doppler effect (logbook form)
  FYSP103 Physics III: Thermodynamics and Optics
1. Ideal gas
  Requirements: (1. + K2.) or ((2. or 3.) + K1.)

2. Lenses

    3. Refractive index of water
    K1. Gas thermometer (logbook form)
    K2. Fraunhofer diffraction (logbook form)
  FYSP104 Physics IV: Electricity
1. Ohm's law, resistors and capacitors
  Requirements: (1. + K1.) or (K1. +  K2. + K3.) K1. Digital multimeters (logbook form)
    K2. Temperature dependence of resistance (logbook form)
    K3. Capacitors and diodes (logbook form)
  FYSP105 Physics V: Electromagnetism
1. Electron in magnetic field
    2. Components in ac circuit
  Requirements: 1. + (K1. or K2.) K1. Basic use of an oscilloscope (logbook form)
  Note! K1 is mandatory in FYSP110 K2. Helmholtz coils (logbook form)
  FYSP106 Physics VI: Modern Physics 1. Photoelectric effect
  Requirements: (1. or 2.) and (two of K1-3.) 2. Franck-Hertz experiment
    K1. Energy gap of germanium (logbook form)
    K2. X-ray fluorescence (logbook form)
    K3. Geiger & Muller tube (logbook form)
  FYSP110 Experimental Methods in Physics K1. Basic use of an oscilloscope (logbook form)
  Requirements: K1 + K2 K2. Advanced use of an oscilloscope (logbook form)  
  FYSA210 Mechanics 1. Coupled harmonic oscillators
  Requirements: (1. or 2.) + K1. 2. Rotating frame of reference
    K1. Moment of inertia (logbook form)    
  FYSA220 Electricity and Magnetism 1. Hall effect
  Requirements: (1. or 2.) + (K1. + K2.) 2. Polarisation of light
    K1. Equipotential surfaces (logbook form)
    K2. Damped oscillation (logbook form)
  FYSA234 Laboratory works in Quantum Mechanics, Part A:
K1. Diffraction of electron (logbook form)
  Requirements:  K1. + 2. 2. Spectrometer, grid and prism
  FYSA241 Statistical Physics, Part A:
K1 Ising. Instructions (ising_2009_worksheet.pdf) and other needed files can be found in directory http://users.jyu.fi/~veapaja/Ising-simulaatio/
  Requirements: either 1. or 2. + K1 1. Thermodynamic research
    2. Vapour pressure and vaporisation
  FYSA241 Statistical Physics, Part B:    K1. Thermionic electron emission (logbook form)