Applying to doctoral studies

The Doctoral School of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science encompasses departmental doctoral programmes in Biological and Environmental Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and Statistics. Doctoral training takes place in these four doctoral programmes.

Eligibility for doctoral training

In order to be an eligible applicant, you must have a science training equivalent to that required for the M.Sc. degree in a field relevant to the research area to which the application for admission is directed.

  • Doctoral Programme in Biological and Enviromental Science: The main research strategy for evolutionary ecology and applied evolutionary biology is an experimental approach within an ecologically realistic setting using research model taxa from viruses to vertebrates. The aim of the research is to understand the basic phenomena of nature, especially interactions that affect living organisms and their population properties and adaptations to a changing environment. Natural resources and environment. This wide-ranging research area studies the effect of human impact on the environment and the sustainable use of natural resources, and aims to provide tools for reducing harmful impacts of human activities on nature. This area integrates terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem research as well as conservation and management of natural resources in inland lakes and their catchment areas. Biological nanoscience is multidisciplinary research area, which aims at understanding the functions of microbes and proteins at the nanoscale, as well as finding practical applications in biotechnology and medicine.
  • Doctoral Programme in Physics: Research carried out is broadly categorized into subatomic physics and materials physics. The subatomic physics research  includes nuclear and accelerator based physics and particle physics, and the materials physics research nanophysics and physics of complex materials. 
  • Doctoral Programme in Chemistry: The research is focused in four strength areas: structural chemistry and synthesis,  spectroscopy and computational chemistry, renewable natural resources and chemistry of the living environment, and chemistry education. Moreover, the Department has a strong research profile within the faculty-wide research activities in the field of molecular nanosciences. 
  • Doctoral Programme in Mathematics and Statistics: The main reserch areas at the department are: Geometry and AnalysisProbability and Stochastics, and Statistics.

For more information on research please see the research profile of the Faculty.

Application process

There are two application rounds each year: in March and in August. Applicants are informed of the results by mid-May and mid-October respectively.

The next application round opens on 1 August 2019
and the deadline for applications is 30 August 2019 at 15:00 (GMT+2).

The online application form is available in the Studyinfo.fi portal during the application period. Please be sure to submit all the required attachments (research plan, doctoral study plan, officially certified educational documents, a certificate of language proficiency, CV) as well.

Before submitting an application, please contact the group leader/principal investigator of the research group, which you find interesting to discuss availability of supervising resources. Please note that selection to doctoral studies does not guarantee funding. Funding decisions will be made separately.  

For more information on eligibility, admission criteria, language proficiency requirements and required attachments please see the university-level guidelines. Please note that when justifiable, the Faculty of Mathematics and Science can upon discretion use other ways than international language proficiency certificates to assessing English language skills.