Applying to Doctoral Studies

Application periods are in March and August

The University of Jyväskylä Faculty of Mathematics and Science consists of four departments, which are world class research institutions training experts for diverse jobs in industry, education, and academic research. The main research areas of the departments are as follows:

Nanoscience Center, NSC, a multidisciplinary research institution within the Faculty of Mathematics and Science, combines the expertise of physics, chemistry and biology in research at nanoscale.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Science Doctoral School encompasses departmental doctoral programmes in Biological and Environmental Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and Statistics.

The doctoral students are being recruited in the following doctoral programmes of the Departments of the Faculty:

  • Doctoral programme in Physics: Research carried out is broadly categorized into subatomic physics and materials physics. The subatomic physics research  includes nuclear and accelerator based physics and particle physics, and the materials physics research nanophysics and physics of complex materials. For more information and contacts please see: www.jyu.fi/science/en/physics/recearch.
  • Doctoral programme in Chemistry: The research is focused in four strength areas: structural chemistry and synthesis,  spectroscopy and computational chemistry, renewable natural resources and chemistry of the living environment, and chemistry education. Moreover, the Department has a strong research profile within the faculty-wide research activities in the field of molecular nanosciences. For more information and contacts please see: www.jyu.fi/kemia/en/research.
  • Doctoral programme in Mathematics and Statistics: The main reserch areas at the department are: Geometry and AnalysisProbability and Stochastics, and Statistics. For more information and contacts please see: www.jyu.fi/maths/en/research.


Applicants must have a science training equivalent to that required for the M.Sc. degree in a field relevant to the research area to which the application for admission is directed.

Read before submitting your application: Admission process of doctoral training

Application is asked to be made by using the electronic form on page: https://opiskelu.jyu.fi/en/apply/graduate-school/application-form

and should be accompanied with

Before submitting an application, an applicant is advised to contact the group leader/principal investigator of research group which he/she finds interesting to discuss availability of supervising resources.

The applications periods for doctoral studies are in March and in August. The admission decisions are made within six weeks from the end of the application period.

Selection criteria

  • Applicant’s knowledge and skills: successful completion of master’s studies or equivalent studies outside of Finland
  • Requisite related language skills.
  • NOTE: At the Doctoral programme in Physics, the selection is based on an existing MSc degree (or other corresponding degree), success in earlier studies (4/5 at local grading scale or equivalent), other experience (especially in research), the quality and realisticity of the research plan and the availablility of supervision.
  • Research topic: relevance of the topic to the department/faculty’s research strategy, quality and feasibility of the research plan 
  • Supervision: availability of qualified supervision and sufficiency of guidance resources
  • Commitment: the doctoral student’s commitment to completing the studies

Selection to doctoral studies does not guarantee funding. Funding decision will be made separately.

Faculties have the right to admit doctoral students outside the application period if it is necessary for filling open doctoral student's positions that are financed with external funding.

General Guide for Application in JYU