General advice for graduate students

by Elina Leskinen last modified Nov 15, 2017 11:02 AM History

With their supervisors, the doctoral students have to make personal postgraduate study plans. According to the syllabus, the extent of the Ph.D. degree is 240 crp and that of Ph.Lic degree 120-150 crp. Obligatory post graduate studies 30 (biological and environmental science, chemistry), 40 (physics) or 60 (mathematics and statistics) ECTS credits.

The emphasis of the postgraduate degree is on research, i.e., on the doctoral dissertation or on the licentiate thesis. Post graduate studies include advanced studies in the specialization area (major) and potential intermediate/advanced studies in the optional studies to support the specialization area and the research work. Jyväskylä Summer School and Winter School of Ecology offers courses for postgraduate students.

Doctoral Theses

All doctoral theses should fulfill the dissertation requirements at the University of Jyväskylä. The requirements are formulated so that they can be applied in all faculties of the University, so read carefully both the dissertation requirements at the University of Jyväskylä and the departmental instructions.

The doctoral thesis is an independent, research-based, scientific study carried out in one of the Faculty's disciplines. A postgraduate study plan should be drawn up so that the doctoral degree can be completed in four years when studying full-time. The thesis can be a monograph or it can consist of a selection of scientific publications or articles accompanied by a conclusive and evaluative part (an article-based doctoral thesis). A dissertation starts with an abstract that must explain the dissertation’s targets or research questions, central research methods, results and conclusions based on them.

Conferring of the Degree

The Degree of Doctor (Liscentiate) can be applied from the Faculty when the Faculty Council (the Head of the Department) has assessed and accepted the thesis and postgraduate studies are completed and the credits are entered into the study record. Fill the form below and deliver it to the Faculty or Department office. The certificate can be collected from the Faculty Office or it can be posted to the applicant on request.