Research Facilities and Infrastructure

All departments of the faculty have the state-of-the-art laboratories for experimental research. The faculty is able to serve the industry with well-equipped laboratories, where our accomplished personnel utilise their strong scientific knowledge. The facilities are located at the beautiful Ylistönrinne and Mattilanniemi campuses close to the centre of Jyväskylä City. Look through the infrastructure and contact the person responsible if you would like to use a field station, laboratory or equipment, or need assistance in any other way. 

Facilities includes a state-of-the-art laboratories and technology to support research in structural biology and aquatic sciences.

The Department is well equipped with mathematics software as well as softwares pertaining to computer programming.

Department has modern synthesis laboratories, diffractometers and NMR spectrometers for structural research.

The Research Station gives excellent possibilities for experimental work with aquatic and terrestrial animals and plants.

The Accelerator Laboratory is the largest research infrastructure in Finland including four accelerators with innovative instrumentation.

A unique cross-disciplinary research center where physicists, chemists and biologists collaborate to solve challenging problems.