Research profile and emerging areas

The Faculty of Mathematics and Science is part of an internationally acknowledged research university. Our activities cover research and education in most disciplines in the fields of biology, environmental science, chemistry, physics, mathematics, nanoscience, and statistics. Science is research-driven, relevant, innovative, and practical, achieving success and impact. The objective of our research is to create and deliver new knowledge and innovations to the society, and to educate experts to build the future on both national and international level. 

The research activity in our faculty has maintained its high level throughout the years. The number of foreign visitors as well as the number of scientific visits of our own personnel are in constant growth. The experimental facilities are under continuous development. 

The faculty is in charge of the LUMA Science Education Centre of the University of Jyväskylä. The LUMA Centre’s aim is to inspire and motivate children and youth into mathematics, science, and technology through the latest methods and activities of science and technology education. The Science Education Centre represents the university in the LUMA Centre Finland network.

The core research areas of the faculty are:

  • Subatomic physics
  • Molecular nanoscience
  • Evolution research
  • Bioresource science
  • Mathematical analysis

The faculty has identified three profiling areas: 

  • Structure of matter with accelerator
  • Molecular nanosience
  • Multiobjective decision analytics

New emerging research field:

  • Resource wisdom