School of Resource Wisdom has initiated Wisdom Lunch Colloquiums that meet every forthnight over long lunch to discuss various crossdisciplinary sustainability issues. In addition JYU.WISDOM organises discussion evenings around the environment dialogues organized by Forum for Environmental Knowledge in Helsinki. 

Date and type Title Speaker Place Time
Lunch colloquium
Collaborative remedies for fragmented societies – facilitating the collaborative turn in environmental decision-making (CORE) Riikka Aro, Miikka Salo AgC234 12:15
Lunch colloquium
Interconnectivity between social work and resource wisdom Aila-Leena Matthies Lyhty 12:15
Lunch colloquium
Sustainable sport facilities? Exploring costs and benefits of public swimming pools and ice-arenas. Kirsi Vehkakoski RUU D101 Juho 12:15
14.11. (Wednesday)
Movie evening 
Documentary movie: "Paradise or obvilion?"  Roxanne Meadows Gardener's house (building J in Seminaarinmäki) 16:00
Perustutkimus ympäristöhaasteiden ratkaisijana Anna-Liisa Laine, Per Mickwitz, Saara Kankaanrinta & Eeva Furman Alba Clubi 16:30
Lunch colloquium
 Using basic research to solve environmental problems - aftermath Panu Halme RUU C101 Lucina 12:15 
Lunch colloquim
Planetary wellbeing - open engagement writing initiative Janne Kotiaho RUU C101 Lucina 12:15
17.1. Sustainability Innovation Strategy and Sustainability Mindset as Antecedents of Sustainability Innovation Performance Romana Reuter AgC 234 12:15