Feedback and survey systems at the Faculty


Course feedback

The Course feedback is the most important tool to get direct feedback. The purpose of the system is to collect information for teachers so that they are able to develop their teaching. In addition to development of teaching the feedback data is used in the departments, in the Faculty and on the University-level. The results of the survey are used in the strategic planning of education, pedagogical development and research in teaching.

Student Survey

The student survey is collecting the students' experiences of teaching, studying and learning. It is targeted at the 1st, 3rd and 5th year degree students every second year. It's one of the most essential tools to get feedback which is used in the development of teaching and the functions of the Faculty and the University.

Master's degree employment monitoring and career monitoring

The University of Jyväskylä is monitoring how the career of the graduated Bachelors and Masters is starting and what is the employment of the graduates. The Career monitoring is a tool to examine issues related to the quality and appropriateness of academic employment with career monitoring surveys. The Master's degree employment monitoring measures the general employment of the graduates. The surveys are conducted by Aarresaari network.