Planning of Studies


Prof. Michael Cowling at the conference "Subriemannian Geometry and Beyond"




From this chapter you will find useful information about planning of your studies.

Personal Study Plan (HOPS) and Study Counselling

At the beginning your studies you will draw up a plan how you are going to advance in your studies. In HOPS you can for example determine which are the restraints and obstacles on the way to the Master's degree and how to deal with them.

The studies at JYU are scheduled according the Academic Year. 

You don't have to cope with yourself. The Study Counsellors are there to help you to solve problems related to studying and to answer your questions.

The educational coordinators at the departments will help you if you have some special needs related to the Accessibility.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If you have prior learning or experience from a approriate field of expertice which is near to your degree programme you can apply for to include it to your studies. Credit completion based on RPL may take the form of substitution of studies or inclusion of  studies in the degree.