Right to Study

Annual Registration

All degree students must register as attending or non-attending for each academic year.

Study Rights

If a student is has been accepted to the Master’s degree programmes, he/she has a right to study in that degree programme. Students can include specific elective studies to their study programme. Elective studies can be taken from another field of the Faculty or from an entirely other field outside the Faculty. Most Basic Studies level courses/ modules can be taken freely as elective studies, though in some subjects you need to apply for a separate study right. However, the elective studies delivered in English language are limited.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Science also grants separate study rights to students who are not degree students at the University of Jyväskylä. 

Completion time and extension of study time

A student admitted to a Master’s degree programme has, by law, the right to complete the degree within two additional years of the designated study time Students have right to defer the start of their studies due to national service, maternity or paternity leave or serious illness.