This section contains instruction and useful informations about studying, courses, exams and Master's thesis.

Modes of Study

There are different modes of study and teaching in use at the Faculty of Mathematics and Science and the University of Jyväskylä. Here you can find more detailed description about the different modes of study.


The general exam dates and useful information what to remember when taking part of examinations. 


How the courses are evaluated? Basic concepts and principles about the evaluation procedures

Master's Thesis

The Master's thesis is the final phase of your studies. It's purpose is to equip students with skills and knowledge which are needed in the scientific research.

Maturity Exam

In a maturity exam a student demonstrates that s/he has the intimate knowledge with the subject of his/her Master’s Thesis and good language skills.

Practical Training

Practical training helps a student to get used to the working life. An internship period is also a valuable way to get experience from your professional field or around it. Intership can  take place in Finland or abroad.

Summertime Teaching

It's possible to complete your studies during summertime. The Faculty of Mathematics and Science and the University of Jyväskylä offer courses in the Summer period. It's also possible to take part of the Jyväskylä Summer School which offers courses in various fields of science and information technology. It will be organized in August. 

Courses in English

The Departments of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science offer courses which are lectured in EnglishThe majority of the courses are Master's level courses suitable for degree and exchange students of the Faculty.