Courses in English at Department of Chemistry 2018-2019

Courses offered at department of Chemistry in English at master level

KEMS534 Basic Principles of Mass Spectrometry, 4 ECTS Spring term
KEMS5390 Practical NMR Spectroscopy, 2 ECTS Autumn term
KEMS412 Symmetry and Group Theory in Chemistry, 2 ECTS Autumn term
KEMS5380 Basics of NMR Spectroscopy, 4 ECTS Autumn term 
KEMS320 Advanced course in Inorganic Chemistry 1 - Main Group Chemistry (3 op) not at year 2018-2019
KEMS321 Advanced Course in Inorganic Chemistry 2 - Organometallic Chemistry (3 op) not at year 2018-2019
KEMS541 Advanced Course in Organic Chemistry (6 op) Autumn term
KEMS401 Quantum Chemistry (6 ECTS) Autumn Term
NANS1001 Fundamentals in Nanoscience (6 ECTS)
Autumn term
NANS1002 Seminar in Nanoscience 1 (2-3 ECTS) both Autumn and Spring term or whole year
NANS1003 Practical course in nanoscience, imaging (4ECTS) at Autumn term
NANS1004 Computational Nanoscience (2 ECTS)Spring term

 You can also work at research group during your exhange period. Contact International Coordinator to find possible research group and timetable for you.