Courses in English

Courses Delivered in English at the departments of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science can be found below. The majority of courses are Master's level courses suitable for degree and exchange students of the Faculty. Advanced Bachelor's level students may choose Master's level courses provided they fulfill the course specific prerequisites.

Academic Year 2018 - 2019 

Academic Year 2017 - 2018

Department of Biological and Environmental Science
   * You can find courses from Korppi system. Contact Leena Mattila to get info.

Department of Chemistry

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Department of Mathematics and Statistics

   * Course list / Mathematics
Department of Physics

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The key for the course codes

The first three digits of the course code express the host Department, the fourth digit expresses the level of studies:

  • xxxPxxx = Basic level course
  • xxxAxxx = Subject (intermediate) level course
  • xxxSxxx = Advanced level course (Master's)
  • xxxJxxx =Postgraduate (PhD) level course