Advices for Students Taking Exams

Before the Exam

  • make sure you have registered for the exam
  • cancel any unnecessary registrations
  • arrive at the exam venue in good time

When You Enter the Exam Room

  • ensure your mobile phone is switched off
  • take only the necessary writing utensils to your desk (pen/pencil, rubber, sharpener, ruler)
  • be prepared to show your calculator, book or other permitted materials to the invigilators (proctors)
  • leave your bag and other belongings at the front / on the side of the exam room
  • listen to the instructions and go to the desk according to the seating plan
  • wait for the invigilators to announce the beginning of the exam

When the Exam Begins

  • make sure that you’ve taken the correct questions and answer sheets
  • if there is something unclear in the questions or in the exam situation, please inform the invigilator, stay calm and wait for the situation to be settled

During the Exam

  • you are allowed to leave 30 minutes after the beginning of the exam, at the earliest
  • you can ask for additional answer sheets
  • you may go to the toilet escorted by an invigilator

When You Leave the Exam Room

  • return all the exam papers, with your name and further required details on them, even if you had not answered the questions
  • verify your identity and make sure the invigilator marks you as present on the list of exam participants