Exams at the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Exam practice at the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

According to the Degree Regulations of our University there shall be one examination and one re-sit opportunity for each course (lecture, practical exercises etc.). In addition, teachers are allowed to arrange also other examination opportunities after the courses.

Department-specific general examinations are destined only for book examinations and they are not allowed to be used for course exams. General examinations shall be arranged mainly once per each month during academic year and also three times during summer time. Dates for general exams and sign up practices are given in the teaching programmes published online at web-pages or in print.

There shall also be so-called extra examinations at the Department of Biological and Environmental Science. A student who has not passed an exam in two course-specific examinations or who has been unable to attend these examinations is allowed to sign up for next extra exam. If the student does not pass the exam even in this extra exam she/he has to consult with the teacher of the course for further examination possibilities.

Extra examinations shall be arranged twice per each academic year, in December and in May. In extra examinations only lectures and other courses basing on written material can be taken. Registration for extra examination in Korppi should be made one week before the exam at the latest. Total duration of the extra examination is four (4) hours. If the duration of a single exam is less than this (same as in the course-specific exam) the duration should be clearly indicated on the envelope. There shall be information on the extra examinations at web-pages and in printed study programme.

Each student has an obligation to participate in those examinations for which she/he has registered in advance. If the participation is cancelled due to a mandatory reason, the student must inform the teacher or departmental office in due time. If a student has signed up for, but failed to participate, in two successive examinations of the same course without giving a valid reason in advance, she/he must consult the teacher about a new possibility to take the exam before a new registration can be made.

It should be noted that in addition to the actual results of the examinations (numeric grades), students are entitled to receive also other feedback on the completed study units. The teacher can give this feedback in an applicable way.