Master's Thesis

The Master's Thesis (20, 30, 36 or 40 ECTS depending on the Master's Degree Programme) is a mandatory part of a Master's Degree. The Master's Thesis is written in English in the international Master's programme. The Thesis is not counted as part of the Advanced Studies module when calculating a grade for this study module. However, the title, extent, and grade of the Master’s Thesis are detailed in the degree certificate.


The Thesis is a research task which normally takes about 5-6 months to complete. The objective is to equip students with skills and knowledge to engage in scientific research. The student must show that s/he is able to use academic source material and construct scientific arguments. The Thesis is based on scientific background material and may also have an empirical or constructive part. Each student has an appointed supervisor for the Thesis work.

It is important to have continuous contact with the Thesis Supervisor to ensure that the Thesis will meet the expectations of the Department and the work progresses as it should. The Thesis is presented at the Master’s Thesis Seminar and will receive feedback on the contents and outline of the Thesis from both the Supervisor and other students attending the Seminar.

A Master’s Thesis will be reviewed by two teachers or other experts in the field. The reviewers shall give their statement within one month of the date on which the finalised thesis was submitted for review. Students have the right to provide a statement on the reviewers’ report before the final grade is given, as well as to interrupt the thesis review before the final grade is given. For further information, please see Degree Regulations.

The Department's instructions for the Master's theses  

In addition to the general guide lines of the Master's thesis work project the Departments of the Faculty have their own specific instructions related to the Master's thesis.

Department of Biological and Environmental Science 

Department of Physics

Department of Chemistry

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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