Information Channels

Various information channels: department wide, inside the Faculty and general channels across the University.


General about University Studies

Study - web page of the University

More information on Support Services

More Information of Communication and Language Studies on Web page of Language Centre

More information about studies in other faculties on their web pages:

Korppi - Study Data System

The full course descriptions and the timetables for lectures, demonstrations and exams of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science and the other departments and Faculties can be found at Korppi system and registration for courses and exams is done on Korppi. Students are expected to create their Personal Study Plan (eHOPS) on Korppi at the start of their studies. Also, it is possible to create a personal or group timetable using the Korppi calendar. Students' study progress and e.g. their Transcript of Records is always available for students on Korppi.

See also: Various tools and applications for students

Web pages

The Faculty of Mathematics and Science

The Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

The Department of Physics

The Department of Chemistry

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Keeping posted: mailing lists at the Faculty of Mathematics and Science

Along with Web pages, Email is also used to as an information channel. The best way to get all the latest information on what is going on at the University study wise, as well as regarding leisure time activities, is joining e-mail lists. New students are automatically added on these student mailing lists. Please note that you are expected to use your University e-mail address to ensure that all correspondence is delivered safely. If you forward your e-mails to another mailbox, you are still advised to check your University e-mail regularly, in case any mails have failed to be forwarded to your preferred e-mail provider.

Emails are used by the Faculty, the Departments and the staff of the University. Teachers and Professors send emails to students signed up on their courses. Remember to add yourself on your subject association’s mailing list. Tutors will guide you in the beginning of your studies.

The most useful ones for international Master’s degree students are:

  • sci-graduates@korppi.jyu.fi: Mailing list for all students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science. All messages are not routinely translated into English but where the content is relevant to international students, it will also be in English or, alternatively, the message will be circulated through the programme mailing list. 

Subject Associations

The subject associations of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science have their own mailing lists. By joining to the list a student finds out the latest news and knows what's happening at the campus.

  • Biological and Environmental Sciences: syrinx@lists.jyu.fi: Student association Syrinx's mailing list.
    Join through http://lists.jyu.fi/mailman/listinfo/syrinx. 
  • Chemistry: radikaali@lists.jyu.fi.: Student association Radikaali’s mailing list. Join through http://lists.jyu.fi/mailman/listinfo/radikaali.
  • Physics, Mathematics, Statistics and IT: ynnaajat@lists.jyu.fi: Student association Ynnä’s mailing list. Join through http://lists.jyu.fi/mailman/listinfo/ynnaajat.
  • Environmental Science: otsoni@lists.jyu.fi: Student association Otsoni’s mailing list. Join through http://lists.jyu.fi/mailman/listinfo/otsoni.
  • Statistics: tiltti@lists.jyu.fi: Student association Tiltti’s mailing list. Join through http://lists.jyu.fi/mailman/listinfo/tiltti.

International Students

  • ids@lists.jyu.fi: Mailing list for all international Master’s degree students at the University. Content mainly in English.
    Join through http://lists.jyu.fi/mailman/listinfo/ids.
  • fs-news@lists.jyu.fi: General mailing list for all international students and those interested in international matters. Content mainly in English. Join through http://lists.jyu.fi/mailman/listinfo/fs-news.

Social Media

The Faculty of Mathematics and Science has a Facebook page, which is used for informal communication, informing about the highlights of research and about the current events at the Faculty. The Faculty has as well an Instagram profile and a LinkedIn -Group.

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