Faculty of Mathematics and Science

IT Services and Library

IT Services for Students

IT Services of the University offers different kinds of services for the students, including email and computer classes. To utilise these services you will need a username and a password.

University library

University Library offers students vast printed and electronic collections. Course books and other related literature of Mathematics and Sciences is located mainly at the Ylistönrinne campus library and Mattilanniemi campus library.

You can find out where the book is exactly located for the JYKDOK-database.

Library offers as well information research services and education and counselling services. In studies you will be familiarised with electronic papers and other internet-based materials. Internet services can also be utilised from home as a remote user.


Opening hours of Mattilanniemi and Ylistönrinne Libraries


Monday to Friday 10-18

In addition, libraries are open with the help of students in autumn and spring semesters

On Mondays 10-18

Tuesday to Thursday 8-18

On Fridays 8-16