Faculty of Mathematics and Science


For most courses, you have to pass an exam at the end of the course to receive credits for the course. Course evaluation may be numeric or pass/fail.

Registration for an Exam and Cancellation of Registration

Only those students who have registered as attending can take part in the examinations. The registration for examinations takes place in the Korppi environment at least one week before the exam date.

If you cannot take part in the examination, remember to cancel your registration in Korppi.


The eExam is an electronic exam that students take independently in the eExam room, located on the third floor of the Jyväskylä University Main Library. The courses are mainly organized in several other ways (lectures, demonstrations, laboratory courses) than the eExams, and therefore there are only a few eExams in the Faculty of Mathematics and Science.

Exam Dates

Most taught courses have a set exam date on Korppi for which students register when they register for the course itself and possible demo groups.

However, on general exam days students can take exams for a variety of courses, e.g. if they have failed a course exam or they were unable to attend the course exam. The exam policies differ departmentally e.g. use of calculator in the exam, for more information ask from your department's student affair coordinator. The exact examination days, times and rooms can be found in Korppi or you can find the dates on department sites:

A student has the right to a maximum of two attempts to upgrade a passed examination within one year of the first participation in the examination, unless an upgraded examination is necessary in order to continue his/her studies.

Publishing the Results

According to the Examination Regulations, the results of examinations etc. have to be published within two weeks from the time when the teacher receives the material to be graded. After publication, the examination results must be entered into the course register without a delay. The results have to be in the register within a week from the publication at the most. The students have a right to an explanation of the general criteria used in the assessment and they also have to be given an opportunity to see their graded work.

Exchange Students

If your home university requires that you receive numeric evaluation, please inform the lecturer of your course of this beforehand, so as not to be graded pass/fail.