Faculty of Mathematics and Science

Introduction to the Faculty of Mathematics and Science

There are around 2500 Bachelor’s and Master’s level students in the faculty, of which around 350 are freshmen. There are usually around 50-60 international students, of which most are Master's level students. There are also many exchange students. Around 200 Master’s level and 40 doctoral level students graduate from the faculty per year.

Four departments of the Faculty


            The Departments give education that is based on the internationally high-level research done in the Faculty

            Of the four Departments, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics is located in the Mattilanniemi Campus, remaining three are located in the Ylistönrinne Campus. Experimental biological and environmental research is done as well in the Konnevesi research unit. The Nanoscience Center (NCS), International Summer School (Jyväskylä Summer School, JSS) and the Teacher of Sciences - degree are co-op research and educational programmes between the departments. In addition, there are five top-class research units nominated by the Academy of Finland in the Faculty:

                  Faculty office

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                   Ylistönrinne, Nanoscience Center, Building YN, 3rd Floor

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                  PL 35 (YN), 40014 University of Jyväskylä