Faculty of Mathematics and Science


Participation on the exams is possible only those students who have registered for attendance and pre-registered for the exam. When taking an examination you should be prepared to proof your identity, for example by showing the student card. You can sign in the exams via Korppi. If you are unable to attend the exam remember to cancel your registration.

The grading scales used in the assessment of studies are as follows:

  • Numeric scale:  0 – 5
  • Verbal scale of three levels:  pass with honours – pass – fail

The equivalences between the numeric scale, its verbal descriptions are presented in the table below:

Numeric scale Verbal scale The overall grade
5 Excellent 4,50–5,00
4 Very good 3,50–4,49
3 Good 2,50–3,49
2 Satisfactory 1,60–2,49
1 Sufficient 1,00–1,59

Study entities (basic studies, subject studies, advanced studies) are assessed separately using the numeric scale.

The bachelor´s thesis is assessed on a scale fail - pass and the master´s thesis on a scale: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

The results of examinations and corresponding study completion shall be announced to the examinees within two weeks of the examination date, or from the date by which an essay, lecture journal, or equivalent written assignment was returned to the examiner for assessment.

Assessment of Master's Thesis