Faculty of Mathematics and Science

The International Master’s Programme in Science

The International Master’s Programme in Science encompasses both departmental and joint programmes in Aquatic Science, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Nanoscience, Nuclear and Particle Physics, and Environmental Science and Technology with a specialization in Development and International Cooperation. The International Master’s Programme is recruiting 30-40 new students yearly.

Contents of the International Master's Programmes (validity dates 2017-2020) - The study structures and the learning outcomes:

General information about applying for studies starting in August 2018:

To be eligible for the Master's degree studies in English, the applicant needs to have completed a Bachelor's degree by the end of 

The Master´s degree is a higher university degree of 120 ECTS credits, based on a lower university degree or corresponding education. Studying full-time, the degree can be taken in two academic years.