Faculty of Mathematics and Science

Study Modules

General Degree Structure

In the two-tier study system our students study first a three-year Bachelor’s (kandidaatti) degree. The extent of the Bachelor's degree is 180 ECTS credits. Normally Finnish students who have been accepted to a Bachelor’s degree programme will have the right to continue in the Master’s degree programme of their home university in the same field without having to reapply and, indeed, most do continue to complete a Master's degree straight after graduation.

A two-year Master’s (maisteri) degree consists of 120 ECTS credits with the exception of the Master’s degree in Psychology with 150 credit points. Bachelor's and Master's degrees will continue to be arranged and taken in multi-disciplinary degree programmes, which consist of studies in two subjects at least.
The expected study load of one academic semester is 30 ECTS and of a full academic year it is 60 ECTS (c. 1 600 hours of study).

Study Modules

Studies are classified, with respect to their contents and their position in the curriculum, into following types: general studies, basic studies, intermediate studies and advanced studies (yleisopinnot, perusopinnot, aineopinnot, syventävät opinnot).
  • The general studies familiarise the student with the basic principles of scientific thought and research.
  • In basic and intermediate studies students learn the concepts, theories, methods, results and problems in the chosen disciplines and the extent of these studies is about half of the total amount of credits.
  • The advanced studies, i.e. Master's Level studies, concentrate on some central, scientifically relevant problem within the degree programme. A large part of the advanced studies is taken up by research work and the writing of the Master's thesis.

Basic Studies (Perusopinnot)

  • All degree programs start with basic studies level, equals to the first year of Bachelor's Degree.
  • The basic studies module is a minimum of 25 ECTS, which can be considered as an elective studies (former Minor subject).

Intermediate Studies (Aineopinnot)

  • Subsequent to basic studies, students complete intermediate studies.
  • The Bachelor's Degree in the degree program consists of basic and intermediate studies, including a Bachelor's Thesis.

Advanced Studies (Syventävät opinnot)

  • Advanced studies are Master's level studies.
  • Advanced studies module is a minimum of 90 ECTS, in teacher's studies 60 ECTS. in addition to which students must complete a Master's Thesis of 30 ECTS in Aquatic Science, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Physics, Mathematics and Statistics or 40 ECTS in Chemistry or 20 ECTS in Teacher's Studies, in order to get a Master's Degree in the degree program.