Faculty of Mathematics and Science

Rights to Study

Degree Students

When selecting new students for studies leading to a basic degree, i.e. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, the right to study is granted for both lower and higher university degrees, or, in the case of Master’s degree programmes, only for higher university degree. The students are admitted to degree studies, to study one major, or a degree or Master’s programme.

Transfer Students

Students studying at Master’s level at the University of Jyväskylä or at another Finnish university may be accepted on the programme after the official application period if their previous studies are deemed suitable with good grades. An application letter (free form) along with Undergraduate Graduation Certificate, Transcript of Records, and Certificate of Registration and Transcript of current studies are to be sent to the Faculty. Further information can be requested from the International Coordinator of the Faculty.

Changing the Degree Program

Upon application, students have the right to change their degree program (former major subject) to another program in the same faculty, in which case, the students will lose their right to complete a degree in their previous degree program. It is also possible to apply for a change of degree program in another Faculty. Also in that case the students will lose their study right in the original degree program.

More information from the Faculty Office, Head of Student and Academic Affairs, Marja Korhonen. 

Elective Studies Study Rights

All students in the Finnish university system have to take certain amount of studies from a subject in another degree program than their own degree program. Elective studies can be taken from another field of the Faculty or from an entirely other field outside the Faculty. Most Basic Studies level courses/ modules can be taken freely as elective studies, though in some subjects you need to apply for a study right. However, the elective studies delivered in English language are limited.

Separate Study Right

People who are not students of the University of Jyväskylä, i.e. do not have a study right, are allowed to take individual courses as “extra students” for a nominal fee of 15 euros per credit (2017). Application for study right as an extra student can be submitted to the Faculty, and it can be approved if the studies in question are connected to the applicant’s current work, earlier studies or studies s/he is taking at another university. You can apply for separate studies by an informal application in address study-sci(a)jyu.fi.