Active research in the Faculty of Mathematics and Science

In the Faculty of Mathematics and Science, we want to understand the world we inhabit and its place in the universe. We educate specialists in natural sciences and mathematics for the ever-changing world.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Science is the biggest of the six faculties of the University of Jyväskylä, and among the most international ones. In addition to the departments, the faculty comprises a cross-disciplinary research center, the Nanoscience Center, and extends even further to the Konnevesi Research Station. Our research combines theory and practice, and we have a wide spectrum of multidisciplinary research with several world-leading research groups. Focusing on the core research areas has increased the research strengths of our faculty and established a distinguished position in the national as well as international context. Cooperation with other universities, research institutes such as CERN, GSI, Brookhaven, FAIR, Oxford, Cambridge, and various research groups around the globe brings about high level scientific knowledge published in acknowledged international journals. Our faculty has substantial research infrastructure for both experimental and theoretical research.

The research opportunities in a wide range encompassing the full biosphere from molecules and populations all the way to complex ecosystems.                                  

The Department of Chemistry offers both theoretical and practical disciplines. The research currently addresses questions concerning the environment, industry, schools and future challenge.  

The research focuses on subatomic physics and materials physics. Both fields are recognized in JYU’s profiling strategy. The Accelerator Laboratory is an integral part of the Department.

The department has a strong and internationally recognized tradition in mathematical analysis. The core research areas of the department are mathematical analysis, stochastics, statistics, and inverse problems.