Nanoscience Center


Nanostudents learning about what are the interests of the nano business.

Nanoscience Center

Nanoscience Center (NSC) is a cross-disciplinary research center shared by the departments of physics, chemistry, and biological and environmental science.

    Housing researchers from three different departments, NSC is one of the most eminent hallmarks of excellence in research at the University of Jyväskylä. Its cross-disciplinary approaches enable research ranging from fundamental theory to commercial solutions. It houses 15 professors and nearly 150 researchers – biologists, chemists, and physicists – doing research for cutting-edge scientific discoveries and for practical applications.

    • Research focuses on molecular nanosystems, where cross-disciplinary approaches are expected to result in new innovations.
    • Nanoscience Center has invited an International Advisory Board to evaluate its research every second year.
    • Since 2007 Nanoscience Center has provided a B.Sc program in nanoscience. The international M.Sc. program in nanoscience has been educating multidisciplinary masters a few years longer. Typically approximately 70 students head for PhD degree.
    • The nano sauna with a spacious meeting room is also housed on the third floor of NSC.
    • The NSC history book has been enveiled November 20th 2014



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      Director's Corner

      Nanoscience Center (NSC)  is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2014

      The history of cross-disciplinary nanoscience research in the University of Jyväskylä dates back to late 1990’s. How it all began?

      Professor Hannu Häkkinen

      4 Feb 2014

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