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Report of the International Advisory Board (IAB) Meeting

Biennial review of Nanoscience activities by International Advisory Board (IAB). The IAB review meeting took place 25th - 27th of April in Nanoscience Center and target our output in 2015-2016. In recent years, the reviews have been conducted on a biennial basis, so the second review during your term is expected in 2019.

The Nano Science Center at the University of Jyväskyla has now developed into a mature and internationally recognized center within the field of interdisciplinary nanoscience. The global influence of the research performed at the Center has continued to excel during the current evaluation period. The publication record continues to be exceptional and corroborates the success and impact of the collaborative environment and continuously growing infrastructure established at the Center, which has implemented many of the previous recommendations suggested by the IAB. Finland and the University of Jyväskylä can be proud of this achievement.

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