Nanoscience Days 2015


The Nanoscience Days will take place in the Agora building located by the lake Jyväsjärvi. The center has a spirit of its own by the lake side.

Nanoscience Days, 3rd - 4th of October, 2017

The topics of the Nanoscience Days seminars present a balanced overview of new results, emerging trends and perspectives in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. The seminar provides an interdisciplinary forum for presenting and discussing fundamental and technological developments. The participation is free but registration is required, though. The ten year anniversary of  Nanoscience Days  was celebrated  In 2014. The next Nanoscience Days will be organized on 3rd - 4th of October, 2017. More information will be announced soon.

The NSDAYS 2015 took place in October 22-23 gathering 160 researches together. 2015 is International Year of Light, one session was dedicated to the phenomena of light. The Year of Light brought Anders Hagfeldt from EPFL, Switzerland (photovoltaics), Serdar Sariciftci  from Johannes Kepler University,  Austria (polymeric photovoltaics) and Hele Savin from Aalto University, Finland (Silicon photovoltaics) as speakers to Jyväskylä.These specialists participated  also on Thursday afternoon on open The Year of the light -  panel discussion; "Future of solar electricity" together with Jukka Leskelä, Finnish Energy Industries and Markus Andersen, NAPS Solar Systems Inc. The panel attracted some locals outside the field of nanoscience, too.

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  • Any questions regarding scientific program should be addressed to Senior Lecturer Jussi Toppari (
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