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A goal for the future is that internal collaboration deepens and a unified direction becomes clear.

High level research at the nanoscale

The Nanoscience Center hosts more than hundred researchers with a background in biology, chemistry or physics. The strength of Nanoscience Center is that there are people from all areas, from practical biologists to theoretical physicists. In addition to experimental work, substantial effort is invested in the theoretical and computational study of nanosystems. For more information on the research see the web pages of the individual research groups, the list of Publications, "Highlight" publications and dissertations. NSC has substantial research infrastructure for both experimental and theoretical research. The current research themes may be divided as:

Biological nanostructures

  • Structural virology, evolution and functioning of viruses in animal cells
  • Biological imaging, protein structures and interactions
  • Analysis of cellular structures

Computational nanoscience

  • Nanostructures and nanocatalysis
  • Modelling and simulations of materials and processes
  • Quantum control and dynamics

Experimental nanophysics

  • Low-temperature physics and development of ultrasensitive detection
  • Quantum and molecular electronics, and plasmonics

Organic nanochemistry

  • Supramolecular synthetic and structural chemistry
  • Nanoparticles and supramolecular systems in catalysis

Spectroscopy of nanostructures

  • Dynamics of nano-objects by using ultrafast spectroscopy
  • Spectroscopic investigations of individual nano-objects

Theoretical nanophysics

  • Nanoelectronics in hybrid structures
  • Quantum optomechanics
  • Superconductivity and magnetism
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